All Class Reunion

NHS All Class Reunion
was a Success with the Class of 78 showing their spirit!

We had a great turnout for our get-together on Nov. 30!  We had 193 people (that signed in!), a few more than a year ago and many more than the 110 that we had in March!  The earliest class represented was 1956, with the most recent being 2007.  The class with the most attendees was the class of 1978, with 17 people attending!  The 1970’s and 1980’s had the biggest turnouts.  We cut down on the amount of food ordered this time; it seemed to be the right amount.  After paying the Deer Park, we cleared $1301!

Thank you again to everyone who helped out and who came and supported us!

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35th Reunion Pictures


Pictures of the reunion are now online for your view pleasure
To see the pictures please CLICK HERE

We would like to thank both Nancy Baldwin Alexander and Dave Cameron for taking and making these pictures available to us.

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35th High School Reunion

25th-reunion Our 35th High School Reunion Picture – Has it really been that long?

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25th High School Reunion

Our 25th High School Reunion Picture – Where has the time gone?

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Yellow Jacket in California

bob_mccallFellow Classmate Bob McCall captures a Yellow Jacket in California.

According to Bob, “The land where Norwalk CA is now was called Suka – “place of the bees” – by the Native Americans… The whole station has a bee motif…”

If you have any pictures like Bob’s that you would like to share with your classmates then consider EMAILING them to us and we can post them to our site!

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